You can't teach a person anything, You can only help them discover it within themselves.


energetic healing

Injuries of any kind - whether physical or mental - also leave blockages in our energy system and can make you sick.

Come back to your physical and mental lightness with energetic healing work!


 Is your life very unsettled at the moment, downright upsetting? Somehow things are not going smoothly? You have the same thought loops over and over again?

Let's create a calm sea again together!


Hypnosis is an ancient form of treatment. It is a completely natural state in which access to the subconscious is made possible.

With this we can work on deep-seated issues together.

psychooncological coaching

You have received a terrible diagnosis and don't know what to do?

Nothing seems the same as before?
Let us look together at what lies behind the disease.

Let us accompany you through the most difficult time of your life!