about me and my philosophy

I believe that the greatest gift I can receive from someone is to be seen, heard, understood and touched. The greatest gift I can give is to see, hear, understand and touch the other person.

When this happens, contact occurs.

(Virginia Satir)

Early in my life I realized that I wanted to work with people. After a commercial apprenticeship and a degree, I worked for many years to the point of complete exhaustion (burnout).

From there on, my life took a turn and I discovered abilities in myself that I never even imagined existed! I continued to develop and in 2016 I dared to take the step into self-employment.

I am blessed with many clairvoyant and healing abilities. With the help of my senses and feelers I can feel blockages, dissolve karmic blockages and assist in my work with completely different senses.

I do not judge or condemn. I take my clients as they are right now and offer them my hand. Confidentiality is a matter of course for me. I often work closely with doctors and other therapists.

Privately, I live with my family just outside Kiel, and I enjoy listening to and making music. I like to spend time in nature and on/near/in water, which gives me strength for my professional work. I do a lot of sports in nature and on/at/on the water.

 My qualifications:
- Relaxation trainer
- psycho-oncological support
- honorary employee at Kieler practice for therapy and consultation
- autogenic Training (trainer license)
- IntuTrance - Master of Hypnosis Arts
- shaman
- spiritual healer (certified)
- aura work
- hypnosis master
- psychological counselor
- advanced training in integrative psychotherapy
- marketing business economist
- insurance saleswoman

Companion dog Betty

This little dog lady is usually with us for all sessions. She is a young Havanese lady, does not shed and is allergy friendly. Betty is a little happy-go-lucky and can be very supportive during deeper processes.

 If you do not want her present, please let me know and this will be arranged for you.