"Talking about problems makes the problems grow. Talking about solutions makes the solutions grow."
(Steve de Shazer)

In systemic consulting the focus is on the solution and we find this in the system itself and thus the work is also a joint research journey. Within the framework of a short-term consultation, solution-oriented developments can emerge in a surprising way.

New paths are explored together, choices are explored, hidden resources are found and existing potentials are rediscovered. I see myself as a supportive and helpful companion for my clients.

We find that a change in the system: family, partnership, work team, friendship, or in one's own views and behaviors snowballs into other developments, which in turn can contribute to a solution of the problem.
I have the necessary tools and social skills to guide and accompany you on your process through the crisis to something new. Where it goes, you decide!


Coaching with me can help you when:
- your life is faltering
- you only feel uncomfortable
- things in your family or partnership are simply no longer "running smoothly
- in life crises
- problems arise in your partnership or at work
- you feel disoriented in life
- you cannot make a decision in life
- your life is in upheaval
- you need support in decision-making processes
- you doubt yourself again and again
- you are always stuck in the same thought loops

Special focus in my practice in the area of life counseling:
- High sensitivity in adults and children
- Accompaniment through difficult situations in life
- Understanding and mastering life as a single twin
- Loss of a close person
- Marriage problems
- Support for decision making
- spiritual development

I expressly point out that I do not make any healing promises. My treatments do not replace visits to the doctor or alternative practitioner. The self-healing powers are activated. In most cases, both treatment methods work well together.