energetic healing

"Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be transformed from one form to other forms or transferred from one body to other bodies."
(Hermann von Helmholtz, German physicist)

What is meant by this quote is that everything has a certain energy. Every living being, every object has its own energy. Perhaps it has happened to you that a person has entered the room and you immediately got a certain feeling, for example, a special joy or even an unpleasant feeling. This is due to the energy that this person brings into the room.

This means that every person actually consciously or unconsciously has a certain kind of energy.

Our whole body has many energy pathways (nadis) and energy centers (chakras). We can use certain techniques to direct these energies and, for example, cleanse, activate and make energy pathways flow.

In this work I deal with the energy field of the human being. In this energy field are all informations about one's own history, previous lives (incarnations) and all personal experiences stored.


Some of these experiences can manifest as blockages and cause discomfort in the system of body, soul and spirit. These disturbing factors can prevent a full and relaxed life. Energetic work can uncover blockages and bring them into consciousness.

These blockages are talked about and the system of body, mind and soul is sent in search of solutions.


There is much more between heaven and earth than some people would dream of. I am in direct contact with my spirit guides, the universe - or whatever you would call it. On the soul level I have the ability to communicate with entities / souls and accompany or remove them.


Often it is old burdens from previous incarnations that make life difficult for us and do not allow us to come into our power or prevent us from doing so.


Our own powers of self-healing are activated and blockages are removed. Body, mind and soul can thus come back into harmony and the body's own self-healing powers are activated.


My energy work (spiritual healing) can provide help with:

- You feel somehow sick, exhausted or tired - physically nothing can be
  be found
- constant lack of energy, bad sleep
- if you cannot find peace of mind
- anxiety or constant brooding
- headache attacks
- back problems / physical problems without findings
- crying babies
- pain / inflammation in the body without medical causes
- if one feels deep sadness up to depression in oneself
- when you have the feeling of being controlled by others
- when one has no feeling for oneself
- partnership incapacity or repetitive life problems
- energetic cleaning of apartments, houses, places from foreign energies- attachments of foreign energies
- getting in contact with the twin sibling as a single-born twin
- accompaniment in the dual soul process
- after the loss of people
- Accompaniment in the dying process (often there is the problem of letting go)
- Retrieval of soul parts
- Resolution of ancestral themes and family themes/secrets
- heart opening, removal of heart walls
- Work with the inner child
- Resolution of karmic issues/physical complaints
- Accompaniment of spiritual themes and perceptions
and many, many more physical and spiritual issues.


I also work energetically with animals. Please feel free to contact me!

Just give me a call. On the phone I can already answer you whether my energetic healing work could help you.

I also work remotely. You do not have to be present in person. Feel free to contact me about this.

I expressly point out that I do not make any healing promises. My treatments do not replace visits to the doctor or alternative practitioner. The self-healing powers are activated. In most cases, both treatment methods work well together.