psychooncological coaching

"The resources you need can be found in your own story."
(Milton H. Erickson)

You have received a terrible diagnosis?
Is that why you don't know where your head is, how to go on?
You have the feeling that the merry-go-round in your head is spinning faster and faster? The next step is blurred in a fog of fear, pain and you just feel lonely and left alone by the doctors?

I am here for you.
I accompany you in the worst phase of your life.
With me you can talk about everything.
I help you out of the pain.

Together we find things that give you strength.
Together we will find your mechanisms to activate your self-healing powers.

 I work in a network with doctors and alternative practitioners. A holistic concept from all areas of my expertise awaits you.

I expressly point out that I do not make any healing promises. My treatments do not replace visits to the doctor or alternative practitioner. The self-healing powers are activated. In most cases, both treatment methods work well together.